Tuesday, June 02, 2020
Live Like Jesus

About Us

We are a body of believers committed to worshiping and serving Jesus Christ.
As a Southern Baptist Church, we join with like-minded Christians in spreading the gospel around the world. It is our church family's desire to reach out to people of all ages and backgrounds, as to follow Christ's example. Our ministries are geared to various life stages and needs of the body so that everyone may study the Scriptures, fellowship with one another, and minister to others through numerous service opportunities... as it is Christ's desire.



We believe our eternal salvation was purchased through Christ's death, burial, and resurrection and only by confessing one's sins and accepting Christ as Savior can a person receive God's grace and an eternal presence in heaven. It is each Christian's duty to develop into a fully devoted follower of Christ, availing him or herself of opportunities for Bible study, ministry, and sharing Christ with others. If you have questions about these or other beliefs we hold in common, please contact us.


We are a growing body of baptized believers redeemed by Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, committed to glorifying God through:

  • Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with our community and the world.
  • Assembling regularly for worship, prayer, Bible study and fellowship.
  • Helping to meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Nurturing and preparing believers for spiritual growth and service.
  • Preserving a wholesome, moral climate in our community.

 If you are not a member of First Baptist church Of DerRidder and desire to join our fellowship, you may do so in one of the following ways:

  (1) By professing faith in Jesus Christ and following Him in scriptural baptism.
  (2) By transferring your letter from another Southern Baptist church.
  (3) By your statement of faith in Christ, and that you have experienced scriptural baptism after salvation.
If you have any questions, we would love to talk with you. Just call our church office 463-9047, and we can schedule a time for one of our ministers to visit with you.


Infants and Preschoolers are cared for in a safe, secure environment by loving, trained volunteers whose goal is to partner with parents in introducing their children to the love of God. Ongoing activities include the weekly Sunday School program; periodic Parent's Night Out; MOPS (Mothers of Preshoolers); and periodic baby dedication ceremonies.

Children begin to develop a spiritual foundation that will carry them throughout their lives. Through activities such as Sunday Bible study, Vacation Bible School, Bible drill, choir, and missions organizations, we help introduce them to Jesus. 

Students are energized and engaged to carry out the Great Commission through Sunday morning and Wednesday evening Bible study along with other discipleship opportunities. Students leading Students gives young people opportunities to share with their peers, plan ministry events, and develop leadership skills.

Single Adults find purpose through their regular Bible study and worship activities. Regular fellowships help forge friendships and build stronger bonds in Christ.

Adults have countless opportunities to minister to others as well as to grow in their relationship with Christ. Regular Bible study provides in-depth discussion into God's Word and creates connections with others. Discipleship classes provide practical helps with living the Christian life. 

Senior Adults at First Baptist Church are anything but in their rocking chairs, unless they are rocking babies in the nursery. Our  Regular Bible study, monthly luncheons, and frequent trips are also on their agenda.